Personal Legitimising a Perspective of Marketing Management

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Simon Haslam


This paper explains the basic social process of "personal legitimizing" and illustrates its influence on marketing activity. Personal legitimising is the process by which individuals manipulate situations to suit their own agenda. The link between personal legitimising and an organization's marketing activity was discovered using a grounded theory research strategy within a UK management consulting firm.

Personal legitimising has two groupings of behaviour, namely "obstructing existing marketing activity" and "driving new marketing activity". Within the former are the categories of "stigmatising", "pseudo endorsing" and "smokescreening". The latter incorporates the categories of "hatching on", "self indulging" and "bragging".

The paper has three parts. The first explains the basic social process of personal legitimizing The second shows how grounded theory methodology was used in this context. The third develops the possible contribution of personal legitimising to the understanding of marketing.


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